About curious Chickens…

About curious Chickens…

Well at least one curious Chicken. I’m not sure about this one.
It is part of the collection in the Kyneton sculpture park. Unfortunately, like the sculpture, the plaque with the artist details was rusted and I do not know who made it.

I went walking through Kyneton again not expecting much. The weather yesterday was heavy fog, then wind and rain. There were no sunny gaps to create some contrast. I took a different route to the river path I explored last month going past the many shops lining Piper Street. The Chicken who provided the title image for this post lives in a vacant lot next to the old butter factory with a few others and was keen to check me out when I passed in case I had some food. There was little else stirring due to the weather.

I came back with a few images but the damp got to me!