Unlocking elements

Okay, so I keep coming back to this scene because I know there is more than one image here. I just have to remove anything that is not essential to making that image work.

I think I finally have a composition I’m happy with. The netting forms this great leading line between the vines. My only problem today was that unlike previous days, the sky this morning was really clear which presented a high contrast scene. Here are the results of bracketed exposures.

It’s a situation where there is no right exposure even in an age where high dynamic range is beyond anything film could ever do.

Yes, I could do a composite and If I was desperate I would but I like the challenge of getting it right in camera.

Using a graduated filter may have helped but I think the main problem is getting some more light and detail on the foreground. That means going back to see what late afternoon might offer. If the sky lacks any drama I may go with a different composition with less sky. Something like this.

DSC_0068 (1)



Bad light and broken promises

Bad light and broken promises

– This was the best I could do all week. The iPhone would have benefitted from a tripod.

I’m dogged by the problem of having no light when there is opportunity and no opportunity when there is light. It would be nice if photographers could take “good light leave” whenever the day looked promising. If you have something like that drop me a line in the comments about it so I can envy you!

Normally when conditions outside are poor I will set up something inside but that has not been an option this week either. After the last few months of productivity I find this situation most frustrating, especially as time is running out.

I made a promise to make more images and I intend not to break that.