Where’s Wally?

Where’s Wally?

Looking back at my last post I must be on a red and white theme this week.

To provide some context, this image was made;

  • Out front of a Pub in Elizabeth Street Melbourne.
  • The time was around 10:30 to 11:00 AM on a Saturday Morning
  • Those were definitely not the first beers of the day.
  • There were closer to 50 Wallys (or Waldo’s for those readers in North America) with more inside.

I tried to find out more and they tried talking me into going inside for a few beers but it was way too early for me and I had other things planned. I was also concerned I may be indoctrinated into the cult of Wally. I may have confused them into thinking I was already one of them because I was wearing a red jacket.

My best guess is that since the Sydney Swans AFL team colours are red and white, these gents were celebrating the win that got the Swans into the Grand Final next week. I hoped they remained well-behaved although it would have been hilarious to see someone try to identify an individual in a police lineup…

Thanks guys, you made my day.


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

A rushed update for this week as the semester grinds on and work is due. I decided to outsource my workload related anxiety to Edwood and as you can see he is a bit dark on me at present…

There is always times for looking at photos though. Here is this week’s selection.

Portraits made by Diego Arroyo

Some gorgeous photos of Japan through the seasons by Yoshi Shimamura  aka knulp

Listening to…  Lake Street Dive 



Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Building any body of knowledge is hard work and once you do it you have to maintain what you have built.

I returned to University part-time  in 2010.  I know from previous experience that as I approach the finish I feel more tempted to walk away, even though I only have 15 months of study to go. I start to question and doubt my decision to do this. My motivation evaporates and the work becomes an unwelcome set of chores.

I can already see signs of this, like not caring about lower grades for papers. I got through last time with a determined resolve to complete the qualification and lied to myself that I would never undertake such a commitment ever again. In “The War of Art” Steven Pressfield describes this as the Resistance, a force that  exists solely to help you fail at things. You have to fight it to succeed in any endeavour.

It’s that decision to push on  and through that I wish I could better harness for my photography. I seem to be slipping here too, not getting out or even just playing. I probably should conserve my energy and focus on study but photography gives me more satisfaction. Fighting a war on two fronts is poor strategy but I know at least one of the battles will end in June 2015, so I choose to push myself onwards to victory!

So now I have that off my chest let me share some work from people that have overcome their resistance.

Light painter Eric Pare

Some landscapes by Killian Schoenberger 

Jamie Johnson is a commercial photographer but her personal projects and documentary work interest me greatly.

Listening to…  The Martin Bailey photography podcast 

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

This week has seen me doing a lot of work related reading so I don’t have a lot to share but Edwood managed to get back to his roots…

Landscapes by Roberta Prendin

Street photographs made by Maxim Borisenkov, Jack Simon and Eric Kim


Listening to…  The Candid Frame and LensWork podcasts