It took five hours from the time I first saw this faded sign for the sun to get in the right place to cast the shadows from the peeled paint like I know it would.


This is what I saw earlier in the morning and as the light was behind the sign  there was not a lot I could do with it then and there. It always pays to think about where the light is and where it can and will be.

Now I could have sat there and waited but I found other things to do.  Patience in this case is more like knowing something will come and being ready for it rather than just giving up and walking away…



Revisiting the black stump

Revisiting the black stump

One off the joys of revisiting subjects is that I keep seeing different things.

I was back at Gisborne today and the burnt out tree I found a few months back. I still couldn’t get the side lighting I wanted to bring out the textures of these different surfaces more. There was also a slight fog that diffused the light. I now have several compositions that I can keep exploring in the hope that one day the lighting grazes the side and gives me the contrast I’m seeking.

My concern in getting this shot is that what remains of the tree could be pulled down at any time, so waiting several months for the sun position to change may not be an option.

I will keep returning for as long as I can to unpack as much I can.