There is a lot to be said for building from a foundation of strength and knowledge (and using a reflector to lighten deep shadows and balance you exposure without resorting to HDR). It can be tricky to get exposure right on something this contrasty so using manual mode is a must.

Same image without the reflector just exposed for the highlights. I actually don’t mind this as there is still a hint of detail in the shadow and the diagonal line from the middle to bottom left is stronger but all that black makes it look top heavy to me. I could work if the image was square though.

DSC_0030 (1)

Not sure who said it originally but the skills that make a good photographer require regular exercise, not just to maintain them but for any extension of ability. Ultimately it gives you creative choices and control.

Project update – Abandoned and worn

Project update – Abandoned and worn

Sorry but today’s post is brief. The candle has been lit at both ends this week getting a paper done and that took priority over everything else.

I missed sharing this image last week and I quite like the black background. Once this paper is dispatched, I should have time to get some lights set up to work inside and that will give me more flexibility (and air conditioning).



Project update – Abandoned and worn

Project update – Abandoned and worn

The work is at a point where I can start on the series of abstract macro images. The previous posts give an idea of what I’m looking at doing but I may get even closer. The only problem with that is minimum working distances get smaller and lighting is more tricky. The title image this week was very close up and will need more light when it comes to the final image. That light needs to be soft enough to reduce hard shadows but bright enough to allow a smaller aperture and get a sharper result.

The second series of images is proving to be more difficult. What I saw was each tool being held to add a human element. My hands lack the necessary character to complement the weathering and rust but they are what I have to work with so I have a couple of ideas to try out. First will be to get them pretty dirty, the second will involve an in camera double exposure. Sure, I could do two images and merge them in post. I may still go down that road if it leads to a better result.