I have a tool obsession.

I have a tool obsession.

I feel better now that I have admitted I have a problem though

So how did I end up being the guy that posts photographs of crescent wrenches? I think it comes down to opportunity and abundance.

The opportunity to get out a look at other things has been limited by weather and free time for exploration will be further curtailed as second semester begins but I will push the photography as a reward for study and see if that works as a motivator.

I also own more than one crescent wrench. I had reason to pull another one out of the shed and instead of putting both tools back I lazily left them laying around. Seeing them together prompted me to make some more images and experiment with lighting.

The lighting proved more challenging this time because the smaller wrench is in better condition and quite shiny, so lots more reflections and hot spots. I have a light tent and using that would have worked well but I opted for a small diffuser/reflector and played with softening the light source or bouncing light into the shadow areas.

Here are some images from the session straight from the camera.




There is some purpose to this repetition. That being an image in my head which requires several compositional elements to work. I have a redgum sleeper wall I could use as a background but I will be on the look out for something more industrial. Then there is the larger wrench which you are all too familiar with. What I need to find is someone with hands that have some real character to hold it. If you know someone, drop a line in the comments box…

I kind of see it as an homage to this image by Lewis Hine but cropped much closer to the hands and wrench. I want to focus on the anatomy as well at the tool, show the strain in the muscle and get all the textures. When all this comes together, I hope to have something special.