Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

It’s been a good week.

My Father In-Law graciously agreed to sit for me and while I was happy with the result, there is a lot more I need to be thinking about in my approach to portraiture and that means more practice.

I finally got started reading Annie Liebovitz: A photographer’s life 1990-2005 I have had it for a few months but not even opened it. To be honest I had seen the hardcover of this and the cost put me off but my wife spotted a soft cover edition and got it for me.

The folio pick for this week is Ian Munro. I like images that tell a story and Munro’s character portraits do that for me (warning some images are not safe for work)

Listening to Nataly Dawn who is one half of Pomplamoose


Looking and listening this week

This week I have been getting less screen time thanks to some back pain that stops me sitting for long. However, I looked at two very different portfolios.

Brian Smith A celebrity portraitist based in Florida. The black and white images are right up there with the best.

Michel Lamoller This portfolio reminded me of an image I made a few years ago when I took several images of the same subject, cut them into strips and wove them into a composite but these images are much better.

DSC_0004 5 copy



Listening to Pomplamoose