It took five hours from the time I first saw this faded sign for the sun to get in the right place to cast the shadows from the peeled paint like I know it would.


This is what I saw earlier in the morning and as the light was behind the sign  there was not a lot I could do with it then and there. It always pays to think about where the light is and where it can and will be.

Now I could have sat there and waited but I found other things to do.  Patience in this case is more like knowing something will come and being ready for it rather than just giving up and walking away…


Go around the back

Go around the back

I finally get to have a breather after an intense few weeks getting the latest paper ready for submission. A walk around Kyneton yesterday morning produced some images I’m pretty happy with. I took a different route through town and was rewarded. The peeling paint was found off the main street behind an old hall. The “building” theme for this month can be ticked off now.

I also took a different approach in that I packed light and limited myself to prime lenses a 40mm macro and my old 90mm macro. It got me moving rather than zooming, and my back was very grateful for the reprieve as I used an old Lowepro bumbag instead of a heavier backpack. That 90mm lens has been with me for 20 years. It gives me a good working distance for macro and doubles as a portrait lens. Unfortunately it needs replacing as the focusing has problems, so it is at the top of the wish list.

While I’m on the topic of upgrades, I mentioned some issues in a previous post that meant I have been looking at a new way to work with RAW files. I was going to upgrade to Lightroom 5 but I have too many reservations and so I am looking at alternatives, including Capture One Express which was used for these images. It does look and feel a lot like Lightroom but the range of presets and export options is limited. I’m not sure that is a bad thing and it had no problem with RAW images from my camera. Based on this and what happened with my lens selection yesterday I am starting to think less is more…