The Bhodi update

Let’s face it. Not much photography taking place right now so all I have to share is dog news.

Progress is good. Scars are healing and we have enlisted the help of trainer to iron out the  behavior issues. We are able to let him off lead in the yard but can’t leave him alone for long. Things that can get chewed have been moved out of reach.

Chew toys don’t last long around here and this one is less than a day old and already missing a tail. Documenting their destruction might make an interesting project.


The early bird really does get the worm

The early bird really does get the worm

Walking through the Kyneton Botanic garden early in the morning when I noticed this group of Magpies start feeding. I picked a spot and waited to see if they would come closer toward me. I really wanted a close up of the head.


The working distance got closer until they were all around me. That’s when everything came together and I made the title image.