Micro challenge

Micro challenge

Putting all my macro skills up to the challenge of seeing how close I can get. Having a flat surface like this leaf makes it a lot easier.

Took the new macro setup outside into the garden to try it out but high wind gusts made it difficult to get sharp results. I also need to find a more solid bracket to attach the magic arm as the plastic one lacks rigidity.

Nevertheless, the results are encouraging

Tiny obsession

Tiny obsession

My ongoing quest to get closer and closer continues and I recently added more gadgets that have really proved themselves, a pair of focus rails and a magic arm.

The focus rails took me back to when I owned a set of macro bellows and let me move the camera forward or back and side to side very precisely. Getting the magic arm was inspired by this video and lets me place a flash exactly where I need it to be.

Here it is all setup.

IMG_1855Looks extremely complex and there is a bit more weight but that is offset by increased control of focus and light. Using a tripod makes it easier to manage but I will try this handheld outside and see what happens.

This setup gets me close but I can get even closer. that involves a step down ring to connect an old 50mm to the front of the 90mm macro shown in use. Here is an example with me just holding this all together by hand.


This image provides an idea of just how close I’m getting.




Great photographers have to have three things. They have to have heart if they’re going to photograph people. They have to have an eye, obviously, to be able to compose. And they have to have a brain to think about what they’re shooting. Too many photographers have two of the three attributes, but not the third.”

John G Morris 1917-2017

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

I rarely talk about gear as I think it’s often a distraction from just getting out and doing but having some sort of gear is necessary, so from time to time I do buy things and I finally replaced my 30 yer old Tamron 90mm Macro. First thing I did was go outside to see what it was like wide open and wow, it did not disappoint. The image for this post shows just how shallow the focus is.

Looking at taking this new addition through a proper workout over the coming weeks

Listening to British duo Oh Wonder