Great photographers have to have three things. They have to have heart if they’re going to photograph people. They have to have an eye, obviously, to be able to compose. And they have to have a brain to think about what they’re shooting. Too many photographers have two of the three attributes, but not the third.”

John G Morris 1917-2017


Last weeks of Autumn

Last weeks of Autumn

– Spent the entire weekend dog-proofing the yard and yet ironically nearly lost Bodhi when he took off through an open gate this morning. The great thing was he came back when called.

At least I got a few minutes to myself as the sun was setting and there was some terrific backlight to work with. While this isn’t the prettiest Autumn leaf they all end up this way eventually.



Some disassembly required

Some disassembly required

I have a bit of old tech hardware that I planned to put into e-waste recycling. There was a hard drive in one of the boxes that I wanted to salvage so I set to removing it and found some subject matter along the way.

The intricate lines on circuit boards remind me of the veins on leaves and I wonder if I can connect the two and how.


When the river runs dry

When the river runs dry

It feels strange to stand in the middle of a river, having become accustomed to seeing it full. The big rains did not come. It has been a while since they did.


The stones of the river bed become islands, with Autumn providing some semblance of foliage.


That which lives off the river adapts. Plants spread down to the river bed while birds forage within the remaining pools of water.


The water hid things from view that are now exposed.

The rain will come though; it is only a question of when.


A selection from 2014

Ever watch a series on television and there is an episode made up almost entirely of bits from previous episodes?

Yep, that’s what this is. I went back through the year to find some images my most recent followers may have missed and to remind myself of what I got up to.

For those of you who have stuck around, thanks.