Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Why is it that a shorter week means we have to cram a full week’s work into fewer days? While I’m in a questioning mood, why is it so hard to photograph a match head?

Looked at Daniel Norton

Listening to various covers of an 80’s classic because I like the variety of perspectives.


Although the original band has a real advantage…

And for those born after the original was released…



Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

So I was lazy and felt too overfed to do much, so I caught up on my YouTube watch later list, between family commitments. That said,  I have started culling images made over the last year, something I plan to do on a quarterly basis from now on. The Summer is a good time to work on tasks like this in air-conditioned comfort.I’m also looking into my workflow and hoping to finally reduce the number of applications I use. Jan

There is still some beautiful light to be had but that involves getting up even earlier than I do now to be in the right place or working later in the day when the temperatures are still near peak. I tend to hold off until after the Summer solstice but occasionally there are parts of Melbourne that only get good light this time of year and only when the sun is high. The town has these narrow lanes full of original buildings and details but the light is often blocked by office buildings


This is Hardware lane around mid afternoon. The opposite side of the lane is in complete shadow. There is a brief period when both sides of the lane are lit and you get light grazing across the bricks and features, usually between 12 and 2. In winter, the Sun is lower so neighbouring office blocks and weather combine to prevent that light from happening.

That just means I can’t get that grazing sidelight that brings out the texture and contrast. You have to work with what you have.





Listening to Lake Street Dive