Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Two weeks into the new year already!

This week I have read nothing but academic papers for an essay draft. I do have a couple of books on order though…

I found two more photographers that are using processes that date back to the early history of photography.

Sean Hawkey made portraits of miners using the silver they had extracted from the very mine they work in.

John Brewer uses a range of traditional techniques.

Listening to something historical too. This is the orchestral version of “La Marseillaise” which goes for 8 minutes. This has always been a favourite anthem, regardless of how many sing it or how well they sing. I have heard it a lot this last week and the lyrics are most poignant in light of current events. It is essentially a call to arms to preserve freedoms and a way of life that generations of people gave their lives for, including muslims.  It has been sung since 1792 and long may that continue.