Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

This has been a difficult week and no cloud appears to have a silver lining right now. I will keep looking until I find one.

I have mentioned Jaleel King previously but his work gets better and better

Sue Bryce makes portraiture look effortless


Listening to Sophie Madeleine

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Completed one exam, two workshops and now a new semester of Summer school starts this week. My unread pile continues to grow, I’m tired and perhaps a little stressed but I don’t mind.

I realised I have been focussed too much on my own issues and that getting some perspective was necessary, so that is what I have been looking for this week and I hope you get something out of this too.

It started on Twitter when I saw a number of photographers retweeting an appeal to fund a wheelchair for Jaleel King. I looked into it and this is simply a great story of the human spirit.

Fearless Jaleel King: Against All Odds from Mike Allebach on Vimeo.

Reading Jaleel’s blog I found links to the Help Portrait project. It is a really simple idea best explained in this video.

I cannot see a Melbourne group that is active at the moment and I’m not in a position where I can spare enough time to volunteer to start one right now but I will be donating to this with the intention to put more effort in after I graduate. If you read this and you decide to kick something off where you are, leave a comment so I know I did some good this week. Do we have a deal?

I also got to look at some classic portraiture by Philippe Halsman  Hollywood stars in black and white.

Listening to…  Katie Noonan cover a Neil Finn classic.