There is a lot to be said for building from a foundation of strength and knowledge (and using a reflector to lighten deep shadows and balance you exposure without resorting to HDR). It can be tricky to get exposure right on something this contrasty so using manual mode is a must.

Same image without the reflector just exposed for the highlights. I actually don’t mind this as there is still a hint of detail in the shadow and the diagonal line from the middle to bottom left is stronger but all that black makes it look top heavy to me. I could work if the image was square though.

DSC_0030 (1)

Not sure who said it originally but the skills that make a good photographer require regular exercise, not just to maintain them but for any extension of ability. Ultimately it gives you creative choices and control.

Walking the dog

Walking the dog

We try and get a daily walk in, taking different routes around the neighbourhood and Bohdi has responded well but is still learning how to act around other dogs. He is not aggressive but does not really know his own strength and the play biting behaviour might be mistaken as aggression by someone that did not know better.

One of the upsides is when the light and the weather are good there are always opportunities to make some images but holding still is not one of Bohdi’s skills yet, so they tend to be things we encounter along the way.