2015 new project themes – Machines

2015 new project themes – Machines

I have several ideas around this theme but they are not fully formed. One is industrial and I would be looking at large machines, the another is micro and involves dismantling broken pieces of electronics or other equipment and exploring the insides. The last one is some kind of merging of nature and machine and it’s the one that I’m having difficulty visualising the images I want and how they can be produced. I’m thinking of a classical still life approach in terms of lighting and mood but beyond that I’m still a little stuck.

Getting unstuck is part of creativity that I hate during the process but get pleasure from afterwards…


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

A dilemma this week, brought on by the need to buy a present for someone I don’t know well enough. I knew he was into photography but that work and family had drained his enthusiasm. So I thought a well chosen book could inspire and motivate a return to the medium.

With this in mind I scoured the bookshops. Initially I thought of getting Untold Story the larger companion to the Steve McCurry book I mentioned in a previous post but I also saw a book by Michael Freeman that I had placed on my wish list some time back called The Photographers Eye. This is a boxed set that includes the a graphic guide and I thought it would also make a great gift.

I walked out of the store with both books, unable to decide. Eventually I kept the Freeman and he got the McCurry. Now Untold Story is on my wish list and my unread pile got a little higher…

Other things I have seen recently;

Industrial images from Christian Pearson. Love the scale of people in these images.

Portraiture from Guillaume Kayacan.

Listening to…  Christmas Muzak. It drowns out everything else this time of year!