Took the new macro setup outside into the garden to try it out but high wind gusts made it difficult to get sharp results. I also need to find a more solid bracket to attach the magic arm as the plastic one lacks rigidity.

Nevertheless, the results are encouraging

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

I rarely talk about gear as I think it’s often a distraction from just getting out and doing but having some sort of gear is necessary, so from time to time I do buy things and I finally replaced my 30 yer old Tamron 90mm Macro. First thing I did was go outside to see what it was like wide open and wow, it did not disappoint. The image for this post shows just how shallow the focus is.

Looking at taking this new addition through a proper workout over the coming weeks

Listening to British duo Oh Wonder

Two out of three

Two out of three

Important tips when photographing flowers if there is the slightest breeze…

Don’t do it!

Okay, sometimes that isn’t a choice so you can improve your chances with this advice.

  1. Try and secure the stem to save reframing the image every few seconds.
  2. Assume your depth of field is insufficient and increase it by at least two stops, especially as you get within an arm’s length of your subject. f5.6 won’t deliver the sharpness that f16 will at that distance.
  3. Keep your shutter speed high to avoid blur. More wind equals higher shutter speed.
  4. Assuming you do steps 2 and 3, raising the ISO on your camera is the only way to have both.
  5. Never assume the focal point you chose will be what you end up with. Try and wait for the breeze to back off then press the shutter button.

Here is the same plant on a calmer day…


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Learning that you can’t stop the tide is a difficult lesson for me to accept. Things happen and I can do little more than bear witness. It sucks but you persevere.

Since I mentioned him last week in relation to the Capture series on YouTube, I thought I had shared work by the host Mark Seliger earlier but apparently I have not, so here you go.

Listening to The Kronos Quartet, If it sounds a little sombre then that best reflects what I’m feeling at present.



A selection from 2014

Ever watch a series on television and there is an episode made up almost entirely of bits from previous episodes?

Yep, that’s what this is. I went back through the year to find some images my most recent followers may have missed and to remind myself of what I got up to.

For those of you who have stuck around, thanks.