A somewhat random post

A somewhat random post

One assessment done, two to go. Feeling kind of drained today, so I have been pottering around, tidying up piles of accumulated stuff and generally mucking about.

I did mention expecting a small parcel last week. It contained a rather simple piece of engineering that allows me to attach an enlarger lens to my camera. Fitting older lenses to modern cameras has become a bit of a thing, a spin-off of the hipster, retro, Holga users movement. Having kept most of my old lenses and collected a few more over the years, I thought it may be interesting to put some to work. I also used to use enlarger lenses for macro work as they are pretty sharp and designed to work at close distances.

There is a bit of effort required as exposure and focus is manual and there is math in working out compensation for extension tubes and the like but unlike the film days I can delete the failures and move on.

I’m thinking this retro approach could form part of the current machines and technology theme.