Water for the soul

Water for the soul

Something I pass daily, patiently waiting for the sunrise to graze across it just right. Hundreds of overcast mornings, rain or shadows preventing me from recording what I saw until this week.



It took five hours from the time I first saw this faded sign for the sun to get in the right place to cast the shadows from the peeled paint like I know it would.


This is what I saw earlier in the morning and as the light was behind the sign  there was not a lot I could do with it then and there. It always pays to think about where the light is and where it can and will be.

Now I could have sat there and waited but I found other things to do.  Patience in this case is more like knowing something will come and being ready for it rather than just giving up and walking away…




I spend too much time looking at me feet… Doing that showed me two things;


  1. I need new boots and;
  2. I need to reboot the project and get through this block I’m experiencing.


To do that, I know I need to fail a lot, doing what does not work to get to what does. When your subject is inanimate, rework is not an issue. Being rejected by a potential sitter does not bother me as much as disappointing that person who is giving up their time.

The reality is that will happen and the sooner I work through it the sooner I will get some progress.




There is this rising sense of creative frustration I’m experiencing lately that needs breaking with some urgency.


The time I freed up when study finished has been sucked up by things I could say no to or defer when I was studying. I do get little things done but there are no blocks of time to commit to more and that’s the reason I have not put up a new project lately. Carrying a DSLR daily and not getting time to use it simply adds to this friction I feel. I just can’t get it together and make something happen and since I was looking forward to doing that it feels like the goals are being moved further away.

The simplest action is to take some leave but that is too complicated at present. It would be easy to stop but that’s not my way. I will wait, chip away at the edges of things  and do what I can to go further.