Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

It’s been a good week.

My Father In-Law graciously agreed to sit for me and while I was happy with the result, there is a lot more I need to be thinking about in my approach to portraiture and that means more practice.

I finally got started reading Annie Liebovitz: A photographer’s life 1990-2005 I have had it for a few months but not even opened it. To be honest I had seen the hardcover of this and the cost put me off but my wife spotted a soft cover edition and got it for me.

The folio pick for this week is Ian Munro. I like images that tell a story and Munro’s character portraits do that for me (warning some images are not safe for work)

Listening to Nataly Dawn who is one half of Pomplamoose

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Having a break from the internet has made me think about how much time it takes up that could be spent elsewhere.

I did to dig through my collection of links to find this week’s folio by Ian Brown

Listening to Brentwood. Their cover of Deadpool Rap is so not safe for work but brought some much needed relief when I needed it.

Dark ascent

Dark ascent

Remember the hill? This is one time I could not make it up last week… I had to stop and walk with frequent breaks so I got the phone out.

Judging by how dark this image is I need a better headlight on the bike but it gave me an idea to light paint the path, something I can continue to work on and improve.

In my defence I am ill (though I did not realise it at the time) and under orders to rest, the timing of which annoys me no end.

The hill

The hill

A few months back I started riding a bicycle to the train station and back each day. One part of the route I can’t avoid on the route is the steep descent into the valley. Physically it’s downhill so no effort but mentally quite demanding. I rise early and it’s dark and all I have is a tiny light to show me what’s ahead. There have been a few near misses with Foxes, Possums, spider webs and fallen branches. You have to concentrate and draw from limited information to make progress. Downhill is challenging but achievable.

The way home is uphill and for the first few weeks I had to dismount and walk. I was convinced this would be normal, after all, I’m no athlete and I’m getting older.

But then I tried.

I failed.

The next day I tried again, got further but failed.

The day after I tried again and got halfway before I could go no further.

Fast forward two weeks…

One rainy afternoon I made it, exhausted to the top of the hill. I had no energy to appreciate the achievement. I needed to keep going to get out of the rain.

To paraphrase Ian Fleming “Once is odd, twice  is a coincidence and three times is a pattern” The climb up that hill has become a pattern most days of the week. so has the descent.