Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Been a while since I did one of these. Maybe because I haven’t been looking and listening enough lately… The rainy days changed that.

Recently revisited Marco Grob for some portrait inspiration.

Listening to Mandolin Orange to wind down.


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Working through the holidays was a good and bad idea. I got some things done that otherwise would have taken much longer but my body decided to remind me to slow down and it was a painful lesson that threw a lot of plans out the window.

These folios to share. William Coulson  and Amanda Demme

Listening to the Wagakki Band, a fusing of traditional Japanese instruments and music with some epically ferocious rock lead guitar and heavy metal drums. I really would like to know how they got from here…

to this…

to wind up here…

Evolution in creativity is fascinating

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Tired is a good way to describe how I feel but I just need to make it to the end of May. No more semesters, assessments or readings… At least for a short while.

Some more  portraiture from Steven LaxtonPeter Hapak and Derek Kettela

Here is a brief interview in which Steven makes a number of very good points about working with subjects.

Josh Wool is coming to Melbourne in late May to teach a one day workshop. I can’t make it but I hope he comes back.

Listening to KT Tunstall.

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Over the weekend I got that essay in and had a few hours to catch my breath and catch up on looking at some bookmarked sites. I’m going to throw in a disclaimer that these folios contain traces of nudity and other adult themes…

I seem to have developed a thing for low key lighting based on my choices this week. Luke Fontana has some cracking good examples.

Albert Watson has more than a couple of iconic portraits in his folio. The image of Steve Jobs from Isaacson’s book and the one of Zhang Ziyi from Memoirs of a Geisha stand out.

Michel Comte covers a mix of subject matter but there is a marvellous monochrome image of Jeremy Irons sporting a monocle.


Listening to Chris Thile Playing Bach, Bluegrass and pretty much whatever else he wants.

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

The clean up I started on the weekend continues and the space is looking a little more curated than it did last week. During the breaks in this organising frenzy I managed to find some portfolios and other things.

A range of celebrity portraits by Martin Schoeller. I liked the one of Philip Seymour Hoffman in particular.

Some beautifully presented food by chef Niki Nakayama. I could not bring myself to eat any of the dishes in this video…

To finish up I wanted to share a series of images made by Kevin Twomey called Calculators. These appeal to me on multiple levels. There is a sense of nostalgia for me and I like the way these objects are presented with the cases removed.

Listening to She and Him cover Dusty Springfield

Looking and listening this week

This week I have been getting less screen time thanks to some back pain that stops me sitting for long. However, I looked at two very different portfolios.

Brian Smith A celebrity portraitist based in Florida. The black and white images are right up there with the best.

Michel Lamoller This portfolio reminded me of an image I made a few years ago when I took several images of the same subject, cut them into strips and wove them into a composite but these images are much better.

DSC_0004 5 copy



Listening to Pomplamoose