Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Autumn is holding out, there are still some leaves yet to fall

Embracing the surrealist vision of Nicolas Bruno and contrasting it with some gritty black and white portraits by Dave Brosha

Listening to Goo Goo Dolls Yeah apparently they wrote more than one song…


Looking and listening this week

I want to make portraits of people again.


I have all the equipment and enough technical competency to do this and I have done it before. What I seem to have lost after my break from photography is the knack of asking and getting people to pose for me. So I decided to look at portrait photographers in more detail and share the results.

My first port of call was my personal library. I have always admired the work of Irving Penn so went back through my books to look and hopefully learn. My library includes ebooks and I recently added Photography Q&A by Zack Arias which I am working my way through.

I also collect websites that I subscribe to. Here are two Melbourne based photographers that have distinctly different styles but whose images have a sense of drama, Morgana Creely and Leanne Cole. I also found Hawaiian photographer Sarah Lee this week. The post forte forte contains some striking underwater images. This level of work is probably aspirational for me right now, but gives me something to work toward.

also been looking at videos. Here is a short list
The art of portrait photography
Keith Richards by Annie Leibovitz for Louis Vuitton – I really enjoy watching her work, she has such great rapport with her subjects.

If anyone has attended a portrait workshop lately that worked for them or has some practical tips for getting me restarted, please leave a comment!