Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

The unread pile continues to slowly decrease. The weather has also meant there is less photography going on at present.

I’m also distracted by my recent decision to sell my bike to a wrecker. There is ten years of history together, a few near misses, a few that did not miss and some broken bits for us both along the way. After being hit last year there have been some reliability issues. the last straw was losing the high and low beams and having to ride back home with no lights. While that can be fixed, I no have confidence in getting from A to B, so the time has come to purchase bike number 4. Instead of getting out and making images or browsing for interesting photographs I am trawling bikesales.com looking at what I can afford. I think a new requirement will be to have something photogenic.

Tom McLaughlin has assembled some great abstract images.

Lovers shirts is a series of portraits with the subject wearing an item that had belonged to a partner. The images are simple but powerful.

Listening to Lior and Sia. The are great individually but this song is a wonderful collaboration.