Today felt unproductive even though I got some things done. Perhaps because I was doing things I didn’t really want to do?


Deliberate practice


Just a bunch of pencils right?

There is more to it because this is practice, not just getting the lighting, exposure and focus right but starting with a pile of pencils and just looking at them, playing with compositions and placing them in different colour combinations.

If your eye is drawn to the yellow pencil, that’s no coincidence, it’s practice.  It’s all about repeatedly trying , failing and learning.

If only I had a sitter as patient as these pencils…

Foo dogs and laneways

Foo dogs and laneways

A selection of images of Melbourne starting from the top of end of Chinatown and working my way down to Flinders Street via the smaller streets and lanes.


I walk past the two pairs of Foo dogs on the way to work most days and I have always admired the detail in them The metal and stone introduce their own qualities when you look at the detail in the manes. I also take different routes during lunch through the less popular lanes, so I had a rough idea of my route before I set off.

The weather was not great but the diffused light worked well for me. Starting my walk from the edge of the city meant fewer people to contend with and I will try heading out from the centre next time.