Cleaning up

Seems to work this way…

You get motivated to make some images, then the challenges begin, starting with gear. Mine is rarely ready to go without something going awry, ranging from;

  • flat batteries;
  • cards with images that have not been backed up and can’t be used until they are;
  • lenses hiding in different bags;
  • missing cables or other adapters and;
  • a pile of light stands and reflectors randomly stacked on one another.

If I want to keep using anything other than a phone it will need to be organised, so I devised a plan that goes like this;

  • Everything I can find will be placed on a table;
  • It will be checked if it needs checking;
  • It will be cleaned if it needs cleaning;
  • If I don’t need it it will be donated;
  • If I do need it I will build some proper storage for it all to go together in one place.

It’s a good bad weather project and will pay off in the long run so wish me luck.


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