Half full

Half full

This year came with plenty of  loss and disruption. It’s easy to give in to the melancholy, drink a little more or do whatever it takes to distract you from those darker feelings. Put off decisions that are going to introduce more pain.


Twenty years ago I understood my situation was not great, started to question why my life was the way it was and whether or not I could change those parts I wanted to (I still do). I read the self-help books and philosophy (still do that too), each one giving me a little piece of the puzzle I was trying to solve. I got better organised, studied and progressed professionally to a point where I could be comfortable but there is always one more thing.

I’ts a lot like renovating and the unexpected discoveries you make when removing the old wallpaper to expose what is beneath, sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so much… There are always more things to do. Unless you are prepared to accept that it remains undone and as is.

Don’t (At least within reason).

I accept;

  • I will not travel to another planet but I’m content to explore more of this one.
  • I will not be famous and draw admiration from the masses but I’m content with making things for my own reasons and if someone else likes them, that’s a bonus.
  • I will not be extremely wealthy and able to afford anything I want but I can get what I need and am content with what I have.
  • I have a head like a potato and I’m turning into a cranky old man but I prefer that to being, insipid, vain or self obsessed.
  • Pain and loss are an unavoidable part of life and you work with the cards fate deals you as best you can.

I will not accept;

  • that I cannot improve on what I know or how I do things.
  • that I cannot change if it is within my means and I have the will to do so.

I will go into 2017 just as expectant and hopeful as I was in January this year. Perhaps there will be more challenges or fewer. There are no guarantees.

Listening to First Aid Kit