Personal transport

Personal transport

A ways back I posted about an accident that has had ongoing implications for me. For the most part I recovered as there were no serious ongoing injuries but I have had nothing but drama with the scooter since it was repaired and decided not to renew the registration last year. It has sat in the driveway ever since as efforts to get it recycled have proved equally frustrating.

That decision took away a lot of my independence and led to me spending more time on public transport while I worked out a replacement. That proved to be a long drawn out process too.

I really thought about buying another motorcycle or scooter but found it hard to justify the cost just for getting to the train station and occasionally doing some weekend rides. It made no sense unless I used it for the entire commute and frankly the idea of riding to and from Melbourne daily did not thrill me. Not only is it stressful, it would also reduce the amount of exercise I got from walking each day.

Defining the problem clearly was the key.

What I needed was an affordable way to reduce my commute time and dependence on public transport and maintain my health. The solution became a lot more obvious. It still had two wheels and could get me to places faster than walking.

Bicycles have been part of my life since childhood and I used rely on them to get around before I got my motorcycle licence, so there is a familiar feeling accompanied by some new pains that will hopefully resolve themselves over time. I may still get another scooter but for now I’m satisfied.

However, I will NOT become another MAMiL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra). I do look forward to exploring places though (and a mild Winter).