Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

I suspect my reading has gotten back to a similar level as when I was studying. The difference is probably the increased interest in the material.  Very little of what I’m reading is about photography but there has been a lot of material with take aways for my attitude and mindfulness when creating.

One thing I didn’t get to see was the Geminid meteor shower. A combination of overcast skies and being unable to wake up early enough was the cause but it will be back next year and I will be better prepared.

Now for some portfolios…

Aline Smithson  This series of portraits focuses on the photographer’s daughter

Kiyo Murakami Very stylised images with lots of textures and toning

Listening to some early Flyleaf with their original vocalist Lacey Sturm. These acoustic clips give a sense of the rawness and energy that Sturm’s voice has.