Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

The ankle is mending and the doctor says no surgery is needed, so although I don’t really know what happened I do know I can gradually get back walking everywhere again.

I decided to spend some of the downtime updating my book catalogue using MyStuff2. The exercise turned up some stuff that could be donated and a stash of old magazines that are well out of date. The good news was no duplicates, which I was surprised about since I have been collecting this personal library for over 30 years. Mind you, I still haven’t finished yet.

Now for some people (non librarians), cataloguing personal stuff is not normal but photographer Paula Zuccotti takes it one step further by photographing everything her subjects touch in a single day.  She even made a book about it. I may just buy it and add it to my catalogue.

Listening to The Civil Wars who have sadly broken up but I will continue to follow them as they go solo. Joy Williams seems able to harmonise with anybody but with John Paul White it is so intimate and special. Just a Guy, a girl and a guitar…