All about fear, uncertainty and doubt

All about fear, uncertainty and doubt

Last week I spoke a little about the fear of disappointing someone who sat for me and that it was necessary for me to fail in order to progress. The first thing to know about fear is that it never travels far without uncertainty and doubt tagging along. They are a tag team evolved to keep us alive but often keeping us from doing things we want too.

In contrast, confidence is accompanied by passion and knowledge. The confident person is no more certain at the outset but determined to overcome that by learning skills and applying them. They also keep going after failing when others falter.

Determination is key. There is a great quote from Dr Mark Goulston that nails this.

“The essence of it is that you need to have a clear, precise, compelling and totally convincing vision of what your best life looks like. When you see it, commitment naturally follows. If commitment doesn’t follow, the vision wasn’t important enough.”

Sometimes the bogeymen are all in our minds…