Cleaning up

Cleaning up

I put off Spring cleaning for five years to make more time for study and now that’s done I have been a little overwhelmed  with multiple jobs of fixing and cleaning. Last weekend I was painting outside and this one I have been going through boxes of stuff and filing bins and boxes for donation. So glad I wasn’t offered an honours year as I think I was probably only 18 months away from becoming on of those serial hoarders! It’s important to deal with this stuff now because it will hold me back from what I want to do if I don’t. Looking back it was a distraction when I was studying too.

This sort of activity always leads to interesting discoveries…

The laptop I bought when I started studying has been housebound since the battery died and I put one of those security leashes on it. Do you think I can find the key? It will turn up eventually I expect.

Speaking of batteries there’s the bag of dead AA batteries that started as a handful but has since multiplied. I just needed to find a recycle point and drop them off but that didn’t happen and I just kept adding to the content. I have also wound up with three different brands of rechargeable batteries and three chargers. I need to get some more Enloop AA’s then I can get that down to one brand. I’ll probably still end up with two chargers simply due to the recharge time.

I have also been meaning to set up  my old copy stand and lights and I finally got that done. The only problem is the location happens to where my laptop is currently sitting all locked up…