So here are the results of a quick and dirty test of the macro lens that came with the 4 in 1 kit I bought for my phone. These were handheld and it was a little windy. To start with, here’s an image with nothing added as close as I could get and keep focus.



Then I clipped on the macro lens…


The working distance was quite small, perhaps a few centimetres (or an inch for those into imperial measurements). The magnification is quite high, making it more challenging to compose images and keep focus when the wind picked up. That’s what I would expect if I was working with a similar magnification on my DSLR.

What I also noticed is that the sharpness falls off rapidly from the centre of the image and that is more apparent in the image of the Lichen.  A DSLR macro lens is usually not going to have this problem but then it is unfair to compare a clip on lens I can fit in my pocket to a multi-element macro lens.

For what it cost this does a reasonable job and though I won’t be throwing my DSLR and macro lens I know that if I just have my phone I can always do some macro if the opportunity arises.