A lot of the images on this blog are from my phone. While it has not replaced my DSLR it has become my everyday carry but it does have limitations when it comes to lenses. When I saw this article on Boing Boing for a cheap set of clip on lenses it got me thinking about whether or not it was worth the trouble. Looking over to my left I noticed a similar but larger set of accessory lenses from one of my oldest digital cameras a Kodak DX3900 that I no longer use but have held onto since 2003.


I figured these lenses were probably slightly better quality but I lacked a way to attach them. That said, I figured I could try freelensing using my phone instead of risking getting the sensor on my DSLR covered in dust. This way I could have some fun until I worked out how to attach them or gave in and a bought a cheap clip on set.

Enter my trusty studio assistant Edwood. A simple two light setup on my desk resulted in these images.

This was a quick and dirty test of different combinations. I tried stacking the macro lenses onto the wide and tele but had difficulty focussing. The macro was probably the standout for me but overall the lenses are too big to freehold and really impractical for use outdoors. The results are also a little soft but I could probably improve on that if had more control over aperture.

I’m now sold on the idea of getting some add-on lenses though and having something universal rather than for a specific phone makes sense.  I would also like to see if there are telephoto options so I think I will see what else is out there.