Cleaning and culling

Cleaning and culling

Neglecting to keep on top of the more routine housekeeping routines has consequences. There is physical and mental clutter that has piled up while I was studying, with the best of intentions to read or deal with it later when I was done. Well I’m done now and this week I started confronting the various piles of “stuff” to free me up for other things.

On the list is an image cull which was something I had previously done to recoup some space on my hard drive but now is focused on being more selective about what I want to hold on to. I also decided to challenge the notion that a photographer can never have too many camera bags, finally putting 2 of my old LowePro bags out for collection.

The main task was finding a place to put away the darkroom gear and during that task I discovered a hidden cache of tools in a drawer I had not opened for 5 years. These were favourites for small jobs so it was a fond reunion. Thinking about that I wondered if there were images lurking about that would evoke similar feelings. To reinforce that another discovery was a collection of Kodachromes slides from my trip to Japan over 30 years ago. I know I have negatives and prints going back decades and perhaps it is time to invest a film scanner so I can start working through them.

At least I am getting my cobwebs under control…