Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

It feels enormously satisfying to finish something big, to look back at what you have done with a sense of pride mixed with disbelief. After five years, I have just a few days until University is done and I can have time to focus on other things. There is a long list…

Folios this week are a mix of styles and approaches to photographing people.

Alex Stoddard brings a surrealist illustrative approach, drawing on mythology and other sources. There is one image that I immediately took to, the man laying on the ground with the remains of a crudely constructed wing still on one arm. I liked the aesthetic and how it made me feel. These are dark and dramatic images, with mystery woven in.

In contrast Zara Samiry bases her work in the real world and I like to think of them as National Geographic in technical quality but more intimate rather than documentary. There is respect shown for the subjects and in return the Samiry has come away with images that provide a different insight into a culture that has been overshadowed by the media attention given to terror.

Finally, there is a commercial approach to round out the selection Craig Beckta. Very technical and complex lighting and post production is what got my attention. I can’t say that I felt anything though… Perhaps some jealousy in terms of the skills shown.


Listening to Melody Gardot