One of those episodes

One of those episodes

Watch enough television and there will be more than one series that has one of those episodes… It is basically an episode composed entirely of previous episodes, chock full of flashbacks. It comes across as a cheap way to produce an hour of viewing but it sometimes serves to show newer viewers what they missed.

In that context, the following post will draw heavily on previous material. In looking back I also hope to discover ways forward.

One thing that stands out is that revisiting places has helped me to think through images and come up with new ways to approach them in terms of composition, light or technique.


I have photographed this location many times but there is still more I can do and learn from it.

Another thing is that I seem to have thing for red.

The final thing is the lack of people and most of the underlying reasons for that have been dealt with, just leaving time and opportunity. That’s about to change and it can’t come soon enough.