Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

For the record, I hate crowds and crowded spaces but I made a point of getting up at 3am to attend the ANZAC dawn service today. I can’t recall ever seeing so many people so early in the morning. It was such an uplifting feeling, tempered by the loss of so many loved ones.

Those who returned home from Anzac Cove are gone; they were people I knew personally, family and friends and now that direct connection is broken. They were deserving of the recognition and respect shown by so many today standing silently in the rain as the bugle sounded.

I wonder why it is that the worst of times bring out the best in people?

Walking back down from the Shrine of Remembrance, among that throng of people, I saw many small plaques dedicated to the battalions that served but the one featured above stood out. The thank you note reads;

Reginald Hutchinson (2583) 21st Battalion

Through your effort we have an enjoyable life.

Les, Kerry, Robert, Jenny, Peter, Nieva, Andrew, Amanda & Kirsty.

That one life touched so many, including mine today, is special and worth remembering.