Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

To celebrate the last essay going in on Friday, I went to the National Gallery of Victoria on the weekend. They are hosting the Golden age of China, a selection of artefacts from the imperial palace. The age and nature of this material meant photography was prohibited but I can only suggest that you go see this if it is ever shown where you are. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Another exhibit across the road at Ian Potter has a different take on craftsmanship in the form of automotive industrial design . Shifting gear is all about cars and shows we could design ad build world class vehicles. Sadly we won’t be building them much longer.

I also picked up a copy of the photographers playbook. It has some good content for stimulating creativity.

For this week I have a folio from someone who learnt the trade under Avedon. Sebastian Kim

Listening to Velvet Revolver