Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Spent the week drafting a paper with little to show for that effort, My motivation is sorely lacking and I’m feeling divided about that along a do something versus do nothing line in the sand. Maybe it’s the approaching winter or having spent the Easter break in front of a screen but this lethargy needs to be dealt with.

Fortunately, that is not your problem good reader…

This week I have one folio of work Stefan Rappo Yep, more portraits.

Listening to a new podcast featuring Henry Rollins… ( I did mention I had more diverse and darker tastes). This is such an odd pairing and hearing Henry laugh is still something I’m getting used to. I have seen him live and he is a great speaker. Heidi is a complete contrast and the two have this chemistry.

The clip is audio only and includes ads but give it five minutes.