Project update – Abandoned and worn

Project update – Abandoned and worn

All the necessary things fell into place to do a more serious session with the old tools I had collected. Since I had worked out the macro images I decided to start with them. There was also a new item that got separated from the group, so I thought I would share that this week.


These were all made in late afternoon full sun that provided a lot of light to work with but that also meant shadows. That is not a bad thing for these images as the shadows provided a bit of separation from the background but I like to see some detail in them.


I placed a large white reflector on the shadow side to put some details in the shadows. I also tried using that reflector to diffuse the light. These three images show the difference. The diffused light has very soft shadows and was a little too much, resulting an a flat lighting. The reflector was the best approach for what I wanted.

With the other tools, I repeated several of the compositions I shared previously. I made those previous images handheld and one thing I had not considered was getting the camera in the same position while on a tripod. That is proving to be difficult.