Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Starting to get the end of semester nerves that I need to push through but knowing how close the finish line is has made it easier. This time last year, I recall questioning myself about why I should bother to continue. Ignoring that little voice of resistance was a good habit to develop.

Online portfolio time

Alexandria Huff Love the mood created by the approach she takes to lighting.

Nico Bustos A fashion photographer but I suspect there is a portraitist hidden in there somewhere based on Instagram.

Dan Donovan is producing high quality commercial stock images including portrait work. The fine art print series is an interesting departure.

Emily Soto I need to look at this work next to Maja Topcajic as I suspect there is something in common but I’m not certain.

Jason Lau This guy like motorcycles and knows how to light metal surfaces and people.

Listening to the Black Market Network Podcasts  These are a mixed bag of interviews with creative folks