Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Break time is over I guess. While work increases and the final assessment deadlines creep closer, the realisation that in a five weeks there is no more Summer school is making me very happy.

I got in to see the Richard Avedon exhibition over the long weekend. Wow, that was impressive on so many levels. The work was a selection spanning from the late 1940’s to around the time he passed away in 2004. These days, people see five years as a long time to be in the same job, fifty years is remarkable.

The size and quality of the prints gave them a lot of impact. I think I must have gotten used to seeing galleries with 8×10 prints in 11×14 matted frames or more commonly small digital displays. These were much larger prints, the portrait of Dorothy Parker with eyes as big as your head staring back at you and every pore, wrinkle or other minute detail rendered there on the print makes such a difference to seeing it on an iPad.

The quality of these images can be attributed to Avedon’s expertise in large format photography. Working with this medium is often seen as slow and unable to capture spontaneity but Avedon’s work showed this can be done. I expect the slow approach may have allowed him time to build rapport with his subjects and that shows in these images too.

Listening to Spiderbait this week. This is not my favourite song of theirs but the clip has a photographic theme.