Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

A happy week thanks to a little gap between assignments and some new additions to my book collection.

Jay Maisel Light Colour Gesture (Voices that matter) If anything, this book reinforces many of the things I have learnt and applied over the years. I have only had a quick read through but look forward to spending more time with it.

Cecil Beaton: Portraits and profiles This is a collection of images spanning the length of Beaton’s career and accompanied by his own words about the subjects, some of which may not be so flattering.

From the web this week…

Greg Gorman is best known for celebrity images. As I have said earlier, remove celebrity and you are looking at some images of people who are technically and creatively presenting the same challenges as any portrait. That said, there are aspects of celebrity portraiture that add to the overall challenge. First, these subjects have usually been photographed frequently, so getting a unique image is more difficult. Second, reading about the circumstances under which the work is done, time and location are outside the control of the photographer. In many cases, the opportunity to engage with the subject and work the image is measured in minutes… It makes me more appreciative of what is accomplished.

There is currently an exhibition of Richard Avedon portraits on at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. It’s going to be a must see.

Listening to the Craft and vision podcast. The latest episode is Jeffery Saddoris interviewing author and photographer CJ Chilvers