Project update – Abandoned and worn

Project update – Abandoned and worn

These images are of another item I recovered when I was cleaning up. I found this old file on a window ledge where perhaps it had been misplaced years ago and left to the elements.


Like the previous update, these images are just for reference right now, all I’m doing is placing the items on an outdoor table, using available light and noting what I want to revisit later. I still need to look at lighting to bring out the colour and texture. I’m also thinking about backgrounds that contrast or compliment the object.  Then there is composition. So far the focus is on macro but there is scope for other approaches.

As I spend time with these objects the engagement is taking place on two levels. There is the detached observation competing with the personal recollection of my father using these tools. Deciding how to incorporate that connection as part of the context of the final images is probably the greater challenge.