The project update for December 2014

The project update for December 2014

Less than a week before this project reboots for 2015 and things are starting to come together. To be honest I’m anxious about the next six months as my time and focus are still in a 3 way tug of war with work and finishing my studies in late May. Then there is Christmas with family and the New year.

I’m also concerned about waiting for the right time and place to work and not making anything. I don’t want to produce work that I’m not satisfied with either but getting the time and freedom to engage with and unpack subjects is difficult and I have to work within those limitations. To do that I went with a range of general subjects that I can use for single images or grow longer term projects around.  Here they are;

  • Locus – Places
  • Naturae – Nature
  • Populus – People, Faces
  • Mechanae – Machines
  • Singula res – Details
  • Relictus – Abandoned
  • Tactio – Touch, Texture

I chose to go with Latin titles for something different but that may change before the week is out. Besides, my Latin is shaky at best and those terms may have other less appropriate meanings. If you happen to be a Latin scholar and wish to advise please leave some hints in the comments!