Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

This week’s image was from a while ago. Kyneton has a lot of stone buildings and much of that stone came from W.T. Jones in Piper Street. While it is no longer owned by the Jones family, it has been operation from the same site since 1859. The epitaph is near the entrance and the true meaning of it became clear this week so I thought it was worth sharing. I found parts of the text in Google scholar but have been unable to confirm the author.

The events in Sydney were a reminder that life is impermanent and that my problems are little ones in the larger scheme of things. It also showed the resilience of spirit here. The #illridewithyou hashtag has seen people reach out to support Australian muslims.

Just one offering this week.

Tucked in amongst the other portraits by Jillian Edelstein is one of John Malkovich that I really like. There are a lot of photographs of Mr Malkovich out there. It made me think about how some people are defined as ‘photogenic’ and what being photogenic really is. Beauty is a common element but I prefer faces that have emotion and character. Malkovich also has a presence and perhaps that is also a factor.

Listening to a newish podcast called the SIC show (Share, Inspire, Create) hosted by Brent Mail and Johnny Spencer. These are short interviews with photographers who are each asked the same three things. Here is where I’m up to.