Project update: Streams and themes

Project update: Streams and themes

So it’s one week into Summer school and at this point the key task is to keep on top of reading and start planning for the assessments.

The word ‘stream’ has come up a lot in discussions and lectures this week. This unit is an elective so the students are from a range of disciplines with very little in common, so they tend to form groups based on their core studies. In this unit there are already sub groups of teachers, communications and web specialists, information managers and the odd one or two people studying other disciplines that deviated from the set study plan.

It got me to thinking about using streams for the Diced Imagery project going forward. There could be a ‘people’ stream for portraits, ‘nature’ for macro and landscape and ‘objects’ for still life and some of the macro work I do that is not nature related. New streams could be added as needed. I still have until January to come up with something so I will give this some further thought.

Today’s image gallery was made late this afternoon, taking advantage of the overcast conditions to get some soft light for macro work. There is a trade-off in that having less light to work with means upping ISO, opening the aperture or having motion blur but I think that the quality of light you get is worth that. These are purple Agapanthus with yellow Diosma in the background. They are all pre edit, so the colour contrast you can see is actually more intense. The title image of the fence was also done today but given a small work over using Intensify.