Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

I usually feel drained at the end of semester and then all the normal life stuff I put off so I could study is there demanding my attention. By the time I catch up on that, the break is over and the cycle repeats.

Not this time. I seem to have tapped into some reserves of energy and I’m putting them to good use.

For example I visited almost all the major bookshops in Melbourne and tracked down a copy of “road to seeing” by Dan Winters. It is heavy and that reminded me of one advantage of ebooks but it is something I want to own rather than rent from Amazon or Apple. This is something that annoys me. I would really like own the media I pay for, especially when it is not that much cheaper than physical media. This article in the Guardian from a few years ago provides some expanation.

I also worked my way through the entire 365 portraits project by Bill Wadman. I would be happy if I got six.

The National Gallery of Victoria is exhibiting the work of filmaker/photographer Alex Prager and produced an ebook to support it.  The work is beautiful yet somehow unsettling. I hope to see it in person before Summer school kicks in.

This last selection was a delightful surprise. Sacha Goldberger has taken rembrandt lighting and superheroes to create a portrait series called Super Flemish

Listening to tracks from an album called “Songs that made me” It’s a compilation of covers featuring Katie Noonan and a bunch of other Australian artists. It’s worth buying just to support the Cancer Council Pink Ribbon Appeal. Here’s the Pretenders classic Hymn to Her.