More little things

More little things

Last week I talked about little things in the form of mistakes. This week I want to explore how little things can affect the context of an image.

Anyone that has followed this blog for a while knows I tend to revisit things. Last week it was Kyneton and the old shed that was carefully taken down moved to the botanic gardens and reassembled piece by piece. It’s a subject that offers a lot of different opportunities to experiment.

That said, I was surprised to see balloons tied to the posts, evidence of a recent party.

Initially, they seemed a little distracting but as I moved around the backlight kicked in. That really made the colour stand out against the shadows and duller colours of the shed. Just a little thing that enabled a different perspective and approach.

A little further down from the shed, I saw one purple flower lost in a mass of yellow ones. I tried to get a clean separation between the flower and background but there is still a lot of distraction in the frame. The images where all taken from the same position as I would have needed waders to get closer. I couldn’t really do much more so I moved on seeking flowers I could get nearer to.

I did not manage to find one with the same background but I did find this;


Reducing the working distance solved the background issue. There is another flower in the background but it’s far less distracting. The second stalk is though. In contrast with the shed pictures, the little things in these images were not adding to it. I realised I wanted a clean background and it did not take long to find this;


So, it’s worth keeping in mind little things in the context of what we choose to add, remove, highlight or hide when making images.