Project update for October

Project update for October

Revisiting previous posts earlier today, it was interesting to see recurring themes and how the places I frequently visit deliver such a variety of opportunities. Of concern though was the decreasing number of theme related images being produced. They do trigger a lot of ideas but these often go unrealised because I can’t put together the necessary elements within the timeframe.

I also appear to have stopped putting things up on 500px, mostly due to lack of time but also because I never really  felt compelled to do that. Sure, getting a like is good but I do this because I enjoy the process of making. The monthly project themes were established as a tool to place some discipline around that.


In a sense, the project has succeeded in building some good habits, restoring my skills and confidence in the process. That suggests I may have arrived at a crossroad and need to think about the direction I want to take. One possibility is changing the timeframes so I can take time putting things together. Another is to reduce the themes or change how they are generated.

For the moment I will leave things as is and focus on what could be as a side project to kick of after graduation next year. I also need to do some cleaning up and consolidation of images. I have decided to keep using Phase One Capture and drop Lightroom4 instead of upgrading it, so I have two libraries to merge and the opportunity to do some better organising and tagging.


Now for November we have;